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    We are intestinal and immune health experts on a mission to save your gut with VSano Colostrum!

    Your body is assaulted everyday by stress, pesticides in the food, environmental toxins, GMO, and more. All of these negative things culminate to savage your body and for most Americans this leads to "leaky gut," or intestinal permeability.

    VSano Colostrum can reverse and repair this problem and is Mother Nature's answer for renewal as life’s First Food.

    VSano is defined as the essence of health Liposomal Delivery Colostrum

    The VSano Story

    We're proud to provide a crafted blend of liposomal delivery bovine colostrum that is naturally designed to support you and your family.

    Colostrum has been nature’s first food since the dawn of time. Ancient Egyptians discovered its medicinal properties, used for internal and external health. They even considered colostrum to be the elixir of metamorphosis which conferred immortality to the pharaoh. In modern times, people ingest colostrum for healthy immune system support, gastrointestinal health, and to unlock its athletic performance benefits.

    Our Quality

    Our Quality

    At VSano, we believe that healthy eating supports you inside and out. And if you choose to consume animal products, it’s important to consider their natural diet as well. That’s why we place an intense focus on our bovine colostrum sourcing and liposomal delivery process.

    Our cows are selected from Grade A dairies in North America. We don’t use dairies that use antibiotics or growth hormones to inflate their yields. No calf goes without its mother’s precious colostrum or milk. Cows can produce an excess of up to 8 liters of colostrum which allows us to harvest the remaining after the calf drinks its fill.

    VSano Colostrum Promotes Joint & Muscle Health

    Our Bovine Colostrum

    VSano bovine colostrum is sourced from multiple dairies which is then pooled together at our GMP-certified processing facility and tested for consistency to make sure it contains a minimum 25% IgG at the time of manufacture. We further refine our colostrum with a proprietary liposomal delivery application that utilizes premium-sourced sunflower lecithin. The lecithin provides a protective liposome that aids colostrum’s bioactives in reaching the digestive system for greatest efficacy.

    Grade A Dairy Cows Quality Assurance

    What's in VSano Bovine Colostrum?

    25% Immunoglobulins (Including IgA, sIgA, IgD, IgE, IgEbf, IgG, IgM)

    Over 90+ Bioactives including:

    Lactoferrin, Transferrin, Lysozyme, Lactoperoxidase, Proline-Rich Polypeptide (PRP or colostrinin), Oligosaccharides, Cytokines, Growth Factors, Enzymes, Nucleosides, Nucleotides, Antioxidants, Hormones, Nutrients, Minerals, Essential Amino Acids, Non-essential Amino Acids, and Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium spp., Lactobacillius Bifidus).

    Nature's First Food is enhanced with liposomal delivery to ensure that nature's nutritional bioactives target your small intestine for maximum benefit.