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    VSano is defined as the essence of health

    VSano has always been held closely in the Italian tradition whether it’s freshly sourced ingredients, delicious foods, active lifestyles or strong family ties. We’re proud to provide a crafted blend of liposomal delivery bovine colostrum that is naturally designed to support you and your family.

    Bovine colostrum has been nature’s first food since the dawn of time. Ancient Egyptians discovered its medicinal properties, used for internal and external health. They even considered colostrum to be the elixir of metamorphosis which conferred immortality to the king. In modern times, people ingest colostrum for healthy immune system support, gastrointestinal health, and to unlock its athletic performance benefits.

    VSano is a natural products company focused on providing you with a wide variety of gut health, immune health, and joint and muscle health support products.

    Our customer care team is available to take your order Monday through Friday
    9AM – 4PM (Arizona Time).

    Call 928-366-2240 Or Email: [email protected]

    Please note: We are unable to offer medical advice or opinions. Please refer all medication and health questions to your health care practitioner.

    VSano is defined as the essence of health